Drifting in Saudi Arabia

By: Mystique  

A Fellow blogger Raven received this e-mail from Richard Chang.. I’d love to hear your comments on this.


My name is Richard Chang. I’m writing a short piece on drifting in Saudi
Arabia for Rides magazine are wondered if you could help.

I found your contact through my searching on the net and in one of your
comments you seemed to know a little bit about drifting in Saudi Arabia.

I’m just looking for some basic information about the drifting scene over
there, such as where, who and what cars?

Can you help?


Richard Chang
c. 646-408-3553


39 comments so far

  1. Raven on

    Just wanted to clarify that my site was was oildudez.com..

    Also, I would appreciate all the information I can get, since my knowledge on the field is limited and I want to provide the guy with useful information.


  2. helper on


    KSA is unique because they use mainly FF (Front engined, front wheel drive) cars to ‘drift’. Infact D1 regulations don’t even allow FF cars to enter simply because they say a drift is actually using the rear wheels to control the car, which is impossible to do in an FF car.

    Camry, Accord, Sonata, Civic, Corolla are all FF cars.

  3. Sam on

    Raven…I don’t believe there’s one single place where people come to drift. I’m also not sure whether there are any tournaments of the kind since it’s illegal and dangerous. It’s a hobby shared among most of the Saudi youth and they sometimes meet up during late evening hours in places which would likely be deserted and go about their drifting (mainly beaches, wide open roads on the outskirts of cities).

    The cars they used are basically front-wheel drive cars as helper has mentioned. They also use a number of rear wheel drive cars for more drifting effects such as the Chevy Caprice & Lumina, Mustang, and Camaro.

    However, the drifting scene in KSA is simply doing donuts or going in circles or other figures in one area simply for the smoking tire effect. For example, here in the Eastern Province on the outskirts of my city, we have an area called ‘The Square (Al Muraba3) which consists of a long 2KM stretch of road for drags and a 90 degree left turn at the end with a huge open square between the two turns, hence the name. During some weekends people come as early as 9 pm with some food and take their spots to watch the night’s action. Somewhere at midnight the action starts, a few drags, some dangerous lunatics who come speeding over 140 KPH and then make sudden turns, and the drifts. You can find many videos in Arabic forums.

    Drifting is best done by the Japanese, as you must have seen in the movie Fast N Furious: Tokyo Drift where it’s actually a race on a tight track with short stretches that call for quick spins of the tail and short bursts of speed for acceleration, hence the need for a rear wheel drive car.

    Hope that helps…

  4. mansur on

    the only drifting i know is fast and furious 3…i didnt know there was drifting in ksa.

  5. Rio on

    camry & accord’s the most default drifted cars in ksa, long wide roads are just too tempting not to drift. drifting is not the same saudi driftin, recently a new style on the streets has occured its called the saudi drift.

    its very famous infact,

    this link shows that it was shown on BBC’s TopGear.

    furthermore u can learn how to do the moneauvres on the below link, driftin is an art & crashin in wreckless.






  6. Mystique on

    I will edit the link raven sorry.
    I have no information about drifting what so ever…

  7. Zerone on

    Ok well drifting…lets see Adbullah Ba Khashab first organized “Saudi Star” for young people to be able to Race their cars legally, even tho its just a race, there is drifting shows by “pros”. Some old friends of mine did help out and was part of these shows. The main ones that i know names of are Bandr, Sultan and Tak (i don’t want to give full names till i ask my friends if its ok, u can email me at dj.zerone@gmail.com if required for the story) the fact that “helper” pointed our is true about FF cars being used, even tho the cars that where named are not totally true. The cars named by “helper” are used by the Khadami’s (not sure on the exact meaning in English, something along the lines of what they call a “poser” in the states). The cars i witnessed where a bit of a higher standard of what you would see on a Int. level. Naming just a few of the cars, BMW Z4/M3/M5, Lancer Evo VIII, Mitsubishi Magna VR-X, Toyota Supra. these are just a few, I’ve seen a lot or more, i even have some personal pics i took my self of cars drifting, and just tuned cars.

    One rare thing i will point out about saudi drifting that is unique, the use of high priced sports cars to drift like lambos, Ferrari and Porsche’s theres alot of people with money over here that don’t mind messing up their rides.

    And let me just add that the “Camry, Accord, Sonata, Civic, Corolla” are your school yard kids tryin to “Fahhat(saudi term for Skid)” using a the hand break to lock the back tires and use their FF drive tires to drag their back tires and just make a lot of noise and smoke, but has nothing to do with true drifting.

    Let me say sorry for any typos or misspelling, i don’t have much time, and i had a lot to say about this topic. if anyone wants to know more about this feel free to contact me on dj.zerone@gmail.com and when i have time i can answer any questions you might have.

  8. hayhatta on

    I have done drifting in the west, and when comparing it to KSA, they dont have a clue, all they do is dangerous driving.

    All they do is go at high speeds then swing the car so it slides. Sometimes they end up in the crowad. Allot of the time the end up rolling the car.

    No wonder why there are heaps of deaths on our roads, stupid triad wannabies. This is quiet common in our society, wannabi americans, wannabi pop culture, wannabi dating etc etc

  9. Zerone on

    hayhatta, thats some harsh words, you are talking as if here in Saudi Arabia your a “Wannabi” if you try and do something thats not accepted by society or was not there before in society. “wannabi americans” Lol do you happen to work for the Hayah? thats something they would say if they saw me with long hair, since when is having long hair “American” and even if it was why is it a bad thing? I’m a DJ, so does that make me a “wannabi american”? or a “wannabi pop culture” i’m doing something that other Saudi’s would not accept in society, i’m sick of people calling anything that has never been in their society “thats of the KOOFAR” or “He’s tryin to copy the west” its called “CHANGE” you should give it a try:p.

    Anyways now that i’m done with my rant, another thing that i do agree with you hayhatta is that alot of people that are not skilled to drift, do so and end up hurting people, but thats not just here. people get hurt all over the world from drifting and if you have gone drifting in the west as you claimed you should know if it a dangerous sport, and its about car control. So yes their are a lot of people that do not know what their doing and end up crashing their car and killing people (may Allah protect us all) but you can’t go off calling wannabi’s their just trying something new, and are learning just the exact same way as their “American Role models” Learned.

    Thank you for being open minded,

    Zerone (the “american wannabi” DJ from Saudi Arabia)

  10. Yousef Raffah on

    Lancer Evo VIII
    Just a little correction Zerone, you can’t drift with an Evo since it is a AWD unless you change it to a RWD, like the red EVO in FF3-Tokyo drift.

    In addition to the super cars you mentioned, you will also find Vipers and luxury car owners trying to drift!

    On the other hand, Jeddah Raceway (JRW), the first official racing track in Saudi Arabia, will be having a drifting circuit in the near future. I have some pictures of the drag strip on my blog as well.

  11. hayhatta on

    Zerone, thank God you can articulate what you are saying. Thanks for describing yourself, but really I dont think the readers are all hanging out to propose :P.

    Buddy, what I am sick of, is us copying things from people. You are a DJ good for you. But did that DJing start in Saudi? or any other Arab country? I mean if you told me you were a folk singer, then I would have said, ok, you have a point, you are original. I mean say you are a DJ, which beats do you use, american pop?

    if i call you a wannabi then you will get offended. Look at the indians, they have DJs but it is indian stuff, all original. My point is, there is nothing wrong with taking on new stuff, but just make sure you do it with an undrestanding of our own culture. Also what side effects it would have on our society.

    Secondly, long hair or short are both part of the sunnah, so long as you dont do all those weird up down and around the corner browny cuts. You are fine.

    Thirdly, drifting is not an American thing, it actually is an asian thing, and more so japanese. Drifting is not dangerous, it is only dangerous in saudi, when wannabis slide the car with no control . Drifiting is done with rear wheel or all wheel drives, depending on skill level. Front wheel drive is just stupidity. Again it goes to show that we just want to copy, we dont even both to find out the depth of a matter.

    Then again, everyone carries their own book on the day of accounts. All one is required is remind on another.

  12. danny on

    hello, my name is danny i was lokking for aschool of djing in jeddah if it exists any way here is my email address.

  13. hhaahha on

    yea these imbesills drive…. they should be put into prison and assraped for 50 years.

    there is no intellectual advantage to be gained by driving a 1.5 ton vehicle that runs on gasoline and then driving it around on some sreets and killing some people while doing it.

    some people say “fucking stupid arabs” and please, when you drive like that well you only make their image of you more like that…:>

  14. paco on

    hayhatta,what do you tthink of americans and the rest of the world? Not everything comes from american. when people want to change, let it be. Do you think american are gods or so? i can’t understand you. don’t say bad things about “saudi-arabia drifting”, when you couldn’t do it better. Many of the things, which you think are “americans” were from other nations. where comes oil from? saudi-arabia, iraq … not only the american have things, which other need.

  15. ace on

    hayhatta, god help americans if they all are like you … I thik i shouldn`t drive a car even becouse the americans first drove one ? or what ?
    bleah … you`re post should be ignored. Sorry for my bad ENGLISH.

    I like arabian drifting and perhaps is not tehnicaly drifting but they seems to have a lot of fun. So what if sometimes they mess up they`re cars and “spectators” :)? As a spectator I should be more careful if i want to watch them drifting. They shouldn`t doit in the city… that is default 🙂

  16. Jason on

    I got the impression hayhatta was a Saudi so please don’t assume he is an American just because he says some disrespectful things.

    And what the Saudis do on those videos is not drifting at all. Drifting requires a lot of control at varied speeds and corners with rear-wheel drive cars. What the Saudis do is just a skid. Really no skill at all.

  17. Russian on

    All americans can just f*** themselves! Arabs are crazy,but best skilled drivers. I didn’t see anything like that ever. So leave them alone.

  18. Walter Giannò on

    Fouad Free!

  19. Aleksei on

    As a Russian, I want to apologize for the inane comment by “Russian.” He should not be taken as an example of Russians or Slavs in general, which are a hard-working, hard-drinking people.

    As for drifting, its appeal and excitement is the precise control of a car at the very limit. It originated out of racing, since tyres have their maximum traction at a slight slip angle (that is, the tires are pointing in a slightly different direction than the direction of motion). Rear-wheel drive vehicles would slide the tail slightly to gain maximum traction. As professional drivers in Japan drove this way due to the design of racing tires, street racers who drove on the mountain passes began to drive this way too. Some, like the famous “drift king,” Keiichi Tsuchiya, tried to keep the slide going for as long as possible for a showy effect. This evolved into the art of drifting, which is a show technique, not a race technique (except in some very specific circumstances).

    Modern drifting takes place on a track, not in a parking lot. Although there is a subculture of the “touge” (mountain pass), and some Japanese drivers are very skilled at prolonged, controlled drifts on the mountain, most touge drivers use grip techniques to achieve the fastest line. Professional drivers like Taniguchi, Kazama, and Tsuchiya are able to precisely control the point where their car begins and ends the slide and the direction of motion throughout the entire drift. Drifting can be considered the art of balance, as too much input of steering, throttle, or brakes, or any abrupt movements will jar the car out of control. If you watch some on-board cameras of professional drifters, you will see that they are doing more things at once than the car was designed for. Unlike grip racing, where one input at a time (gas, throttle, or steering) is most efficient, during drifts, the driver is often using one foot to hit 2 pedals (heel-toe shifting) while his right hand must constantly moderate the shifter, e-brake, and steering wheel.

    I have spent a good portion of my time watching Saudi “drift” videos. What these people do is beyond a doubt the stupidest fucking thing you can possibly do with a car short of driving it straight into a group of small children. I could not believe my eyes. There is no concept of control whatsoever. What happens is 1)The driver speeds up as much as possible (~150km/h+)
    2)The driver throws the wheel to one side and pulls the e-brake up.

    That’s it. After this point, all control is lost and the driver is basically subject to the forces of friction and inertia. Countersteering will help to some degree, but what the Saudis call “drifting” is exactly what most actual drifters are attempting NOT to do, which is spin out. Most of the videos I’ve seen, what is being “drifted” is either a Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, or some Hyundai or Kia. These cars are front wheel drive, most likely automatic, and have soft suspensions. Their center of gravity is too high to drift safely, as the risk of rollover is constantly present.

    In effect, Saudis force the car out of control, which usually results in cars sliding off road, into poles, or into crowds. I could not stop watching these videos because I couldn’t believe how something so insanely idiotic could be taken seriously.

    Saudis can call it fun all they want, but there is a level to how much the element of fun can overcome safety and reason. There are many videos of fatal Saudi drift accidents and from what I’ve seen, most of them don’t even wear their seat belts and are often thrown out of the car once it starts flipping.

    It’s not fun, it’s ridiculously stupid and extremely dangerous. To sum up:
    1) Drifting: Controlled slide.
    2) Saudi Drifting: Uncontrolled high-speed slide.
    3) Drifters: Skilled drivers.
    4) Saudi Drifters: Stupid fucking idiots that will soon be wiped off the face of the planet by natural selection.

    Saudis, please don’t “drift” like this anymore. Spectators, please don’t watch. You will probably die.

    All that being said, Saudi two-wheeling (where the driver forcefully tips over a car with a high-center of gravity on two wheels and maintains balance while driving) is pretty damn impressive.
    Also quite stupid, but nearly as life-threatening, although I’m fairly sure it has destroyed a good amount of vans and jeeps.

  20. capo The Don on

    you arabs are stupid as hell humula lakaka bang bang yu cant even drift i watched those stupid ass videos what the hell are yall doing killin innicent pepl at every stupid car slide you do with like 4 pepl in ur own cars wtf

  21. Matt on

    I have also been drawn into Saudi Drifting. Watching bodies being tossed out of cars like rag dolls. It’s enthralling when you’re at home watching You Tube. but one wonders who these people are? Are they sucidicdal? Is there no sense of fear, and what about the guys in the cars witht them, what’s in it for them?

    Lastly why is it that we see so many Camry’s and honda’s and Hyundai’s? Is this because a lot of these Saudi Drift clips show middle class saudi’s? Or are these wealthier kids who just dont want to wreck their nicer rides?

  22. KSA Drifter on

    The best drifting is in Saudi Arabia. When Saudi’s drift they dont have any fear, their not scared to bumb in somthing, or flip the car. You can check http://www.youtube.com, and type Saudi Drifting.

  23. samaher on

    hey there..great blog .. 🙂
    my friend told me about it and i think it will be useful for me..

    😦 unfortunately i know nothing about drifting unless loving the green rang rover counts 😛

  24. andy on

    i dont know why everyone is bagging KSA drifting, i think they show incredible control of the cars and at such high speed, yes of course mistakes are made and the price they pay is high, but the one thing they have over the japanese is a big set of balls!!

    id like to see japs try KSA style drifting, but to be honest i dont think they have the courage. it seems to be a hobby conducted by those with the most extreme faith in god (allah) and the afterlife so typical of the islamic faith.

    i wish people would get of their moral high horses and stop bagging these guys for doing what they love. And if the spectators wanna get that close they are asking to be killed, (but certainly not deserving). no one can completely control a car 100% at these speads on such a narrow road, but it is exciting to see that people at least try.

    may unfortunate spectators R.I.P

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  27. Bey0ndGod on

    Ok… after reading everyone’s comments on this page I randomly searched. I just had to after watching a heep of videos from youtube to livelink… I just had this burn urge to say….’ahem’ Seriously wtf is wrong with saudi??? I mean come on I know they feel all high and mighty with their relion and stuff but why kill/hurt/mame yourself or others? It’s honestly the STUPIDIEST thing I’ve ever heard or watched for that matter…I’m yea accidents happen and all but you could atleast be prepared for it, you know? I mean seatbelts would help so much HEY! maybe even save your life and some of you guys are like sad over them dieing why? They’re putting themselves into the prediciment…Honestly I’m tired of seeing guys flying out of cars and hitting people. They way i see it hey you wanna die thats cool but don’t kill everyone else standing around watching you. And you know who I really feel sorry for and I’m not religious is you fucking god really I mean he puts you here on earth and watches your dumbass kill yourself oh and the spectators. IT’S FUCKING STUPID and thats the way other countries view yours. Now I try this: sit in the chair your close your eyes and imagine there’s smoke and dust kicked up all around you while you lay on the ground blood filling your mouth and you face mangled the blood is choking you. Your body ripped in half with ur intestines spread about your ribs crushed and legs twisted with metal as you slowly bleed to death last thoughts and memories floating threw your mind was it really worth it? maybe to you it is but to me its not its pure ignorance. anyway im done here oh and I am American just so you know and lastly what they are doing IS NOT FUCKING DRIFTING. its high speed reckless driving with little to NO control over the car jerking the wheel left and right with maybe some e-brake in there to get it going OH AND STOP trying to “drift” trucks and suvs you idiots they have a high center of gravity its pointless. peace

  28. Me Man on

    Thank you all for your input, you have been entered into a drifting essay. Quoted respectively.


  29. saudi on

    For those who want to know the latest news and more information on the Saudi drift to visit official site www alb7ri.com

  30. Moe on

    The Saudi Arabian drifting scene began around the same time as the Japanese drifting and/or a year or two apart. They are completely different from each other. The Japanese were famous for going up and down the mountains sideways. They had the resources and the car availability to develop their skills and contemptuously improve their in track drifting techniques. Saudi Arabia on the other hand did not have the resources, it was deprived of the late 80s early 90s Rear Wheel Drive craze. Hence the reason why people in Saudi drift in Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, or Nissan Maxima. The Saudi youth were stuck with those cars and some American cars such as the GMC Suburban or the Impala SS. Nevertheless, most of the cars were Front Wheel Drive.

    Another reason for why the Saudi youth do this is that they do not have all things that most of the world does. Such as, movie Theaters, race tracks, no alcohol, and the most important one is that men and women do not mix which could result in a lot of frustration. Therefore, there are not a lot of pass time activities to do there and that explains part of Saudi Drifting.
    The guys that are in the car with the drifter, they are simply in it for the rush. As for the people on the side of the roads, they are simply spectators, they just want to watch the cars go side ways at 240 kilometers/hour.

    In the past few years the youth in Saudi have evolved their drifting game. In the sense that 90% of drifters now have adopted RWD cars and are going from side to side. It is more controllable because the roads are big but of course it depends on the drivers skill but it is also not controllable because it is sadly being done on public roads.

    There are some extremely skilled drivers over there and it is truly sad that they do not get the opportunity to develop their skills and have the chance to maybe do it professionally.

    Moe S Zawawi

  31. رمااح on

    I am a skilled drivers in Saudi Arabia
    If you visit Saudi Arabia or the city of Riyadh told me
    I will let you see all the places of pleasure and I know more than 1000 driver skill in Riyadh only
    If you need any help

  32. jin on

    Hello my name is jin ,,and plz i want to see arabic drift vedio in corolla 2008 or up to 2011 …..is there any vedio ,,i search alot but can’t find…:(

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  34. rico on

    Jeddah- I believe what you are looking for is The Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drift. I recommend you take a look at that film if you want to see some real drifting, and write your article about that,

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  36. deja vu on

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  37. Roscoe on

    Hi there, just wanted to mention, I loved this article.
    It was funny. Keep on posting!

  38. ursulamyers13840 on

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