Written by : Mystique

Well the ISU blocked Wikipedia. I was truly surprised I mean it was one of my favorite websites ever, funny thing is that they blocked access only to the English Version of Wikipedia!!

I was at I typed Lara Fabian then the famous “The URL page you requested is blocked ” appeared I was like okay maybe Lara is into drugs (of course she is not) , I decided I’ll type Mango, As well it was blocked.

Now I thought let me try spanish, funny thing the spanish version wasn’t blocked, nor were all the other languages, only English!!

I am very upset now..


 Update … it is BACK!! I guess Ahmed was right, they just clicked the wrong button I hope.


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  1. albandry on

    welcome to the blog world
    cheers from kuwait

  2. Mystique on

    Thank you AlBandary
    And Welcome to Jeddah’s blog..


  3. Anonymous Coward on

    Typical of the idiots running King Abdulaziz City. Thank god for proxies 😀 !

    You’ve got a nice blog going here, BTW. Good stuff.



  4. ahmed on

    I guess it was a mistake..

  5. -OT- on

    It’s not the first time they’ve blocked it… Relax, it’ll be reinstated into the ‘allowed’ batch in a short while… Could be days, could be weeks, depends when the guy decides to lift his finger and push the button that lazy idiot…

  6. DiDi on

    LOOOL.. you know what else they do this to? The Vogue magazine website! I wanted to check the Summer collection so I opened the French version.. I think the concept behind this is “If you know another language, then you’re smart enough to know what’s bad for you and keep away from it yourself!” 😛

  7. -OT- on

    Didi, or more realisticlly, the concept is “We’re too stupid to block all language versions of the website, we think if we block the English one, we’ve done a great job! No Vogue for you… Go on now, turn on XXL on Hotbird, we haven’t blocked that” LoL briliant control they have I must say…

  8. Babacool on

    I can never reach this site for shopping on the net : and of course we know why.

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