Things about Jeddah you may not know

Written by Foad

  • Jeddah is a 3000 years old city
  • It is said that our glorious mother “Eve” died and buried in Jeddah
  • Scholars didn’t agree on the origin of the city name. The known opinions:
    • Jeddah: in reference to a Quda’ah tribal leader Mr. jeddah bin Jirm bin Rayan
    • Joddah: which means the “seacoast”
    • Jaddah: which means “grandmother” in reference to our glorious mother Eve
  • Jeddah streets conditions are so poor that it will make you regret buying a new car
  • One of Jeddah famous previous mayors retired from his position with a fortune in billions of Riyals. How? He even gave away 3 Million Riyals to Egyptian universities and big fat zero back to Jeddah.
  • Jeddah slogan “Jeddah is different” is credit to a poet named Talal Hamza.
  • Jeddah is cool. It could be in a much better shape only if…

hmmm, what else?


14 comments so far

  1. Mystique on

    Yeah I have heard that Eve was burried in Jeddah, and I guess she met Adam in Jeddah.. something like that..
    I loved the poetic lines,,
    But if the Mayor gave the 3 million to Jeddah, do you think it will be used to improve anything in here….

  2. Euphoria on

    I like this post! I (heart) Jeddah 🙂

  3. -OT- on

    Interesting post Fouad… I honestly did not know most of the facts although I’m a Jeddahwi!! I mostly agree with the crap street conditions! I feel sorry for my car, and even though it’s sort of a Cross-SUV, I still feel the bumps and holes everywhere!!! Oh and in addition, we probably have one of the worst transportation infrastructures!!

  4. Geshtinanna on

    I thought the original “Garden” was in Mesopotamia. Just goes to show how little I know! Wonderful legend, nevertheless.

    I had the good fortune to visit Jeddah twice . . . and I loved (I mean really loved) visiting the old historic districs. The architecture is so gentle and organic, like it has grown out of the earth.

    And the sea, the sea!!!!!

  5. humblemuslimah on

    Well where my daughter lives they put the new water pipes in the road and then they dug the roads up all except one in district where she lives No one seems to know what they are doing they waited nearly five months to have the water piped in only to go off nearly immediately afterwards

  6. humblemuslimah on

    I love jeddah beautiful city

  7. quranbible on

    Who is “EVE” our glorious mother? Did God tell her the name that she was “EVE”?

    According to my understanding of Qur’an humans were created by God through evolution. The majority of Sunnis and Shias got the name “EVE” from Bible and just translated in “Howa” in Arabic just like plenty other beliefs.

  8. Zahid on

    Jeddah is nice place, since mekkah and and madina are so near. If you have family a nice house and car then one of the best place to live

  9. chips on

    Jeddah is a very nice city. I know a little of it but look forward to finding out more about it. Legends apart, I am sorry about the state of the roads, especially when they get flooded with sewarage, as it smells increadibly bad and I can’t recall seeing that in any other country I have visited (most continents except for Antarctica).
    Still,there is hope it will improved. Glorious city, all the same.

  10. a proud jaddawiyah on

    My lovely city jeddah,proud to be Alhamdulilah

  11. Donah on

    Lived for almost 2 yrs in Jeddah before and I find this really interesting… I wonder which part of Jeddah is the Garden of Eden?

  12. AIJAZ on


  13. maya on

    jeddah means grama in arabic

  14. muhammedfaris on

    however i love my jeddah 🙂

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