A Mixed Bowling Alley.

by Mystique  

Okaz – Local Press

Adnan Al Shabrawy – Jeddah

Issued by His Royal Highness Prince Mashaal Bin Majid, Governor of Jeddah.

His Highness Prince Mashaal Bin Majid has instructed that a bowling alley in one of Jeddah’s largest commercial centers located in Al-Malik Road, be closed down. The reasons for this are that, it has been opearting without a license from the Youth Chamber and the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce, and has also been allowing young girls and boys to mingle togther inside the alley.

Further investigation will be done with the Center’s managers to enforce the issuance of a license from the Chambers and to adhere and abide by the country’s traditions and public morals.

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That wasn’t surprising at all, the Youth Chamber! That is just funny, what would that Chamber add to the youth I’d like to know..

I couldn’t keep my self from translating the article and posting it…


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  1. -OT- on

    As usual, everytime we think there are improvements in the country with regards to ensuring smoother legal processes and more cross gender integration, the Gov’t does something and smacks us back to the dark ages… What to do, what to do?! For now, sigh and think to myself: “How sad!”

  2. BaSSeM on

    i don’t see why is it so bad to let girls bowl!
    A whole family should be able to bowl together if they want because it’s fun.
    I don’t know why they have to close down the place.
    U know, I can’t even count how many conferences and meetings that take place here in jeddah that allow men and women to mingle together under the authorization of tha amarah.
    If they’re acting from a religious point of u then it’s just the same.
    anyhow, i think a mixed bowling alley should be built with proper partitions if they must!

  3. i_am_not_who_i_am on

    although i have been to saudi a couple of times….and wore hijaab as well……..for the time there…..

    as soon as i get back home…..it feels like its back to real life!…and hearing things like a mixed bowling alley……compared to a mixed country….is like comparing…..oil and water!….hahaha! ((no pun intended)……so u guys keep your oil and we shall keep the water…..sip**sip**…

    can anyone tell me : which ayaah says in the quraan that men and woman should not mingle together??…. i really need to know…

    fida . .. .

  4. Mansur on

    forgive me for being nostalgic, but i remember going to jeddah bowling center, off madina road, in a mixed group and we would all play bowling there. i still dont understand whats so illegal about guys and girls mixing in a well lit area as public as a bowling area. Why dont these people who want to put a stop to mixed gathering go do something about the male waiters at Chilis and TGIF singing Happy Birthday to a group of girls in one of the private cabins? lol.


  5. Anonymous on

    yeah, I have totally gone bowling with a mixed crowd in jeddah. It was a blast ! And mind you a good exercise routine also ! Bowling is awesome. In fact, the place where we bowled, they had “purdah” areas for women. That way, a whole family could sit together and not be gawked at ! It was a great idea !

  6. ahmed on

    I like bowling..very entertaining sport for sure 🙂

  7. Princess on

    is it an issue of girls bowling? or of girls and guyz bowling together??? and why close down the place? why not just u know arrange seperate timings and stuff?? i dnt get it, and how bad or rowdy can things get with girls and guyz bowling!!

  8. RvN on


    For those that are ok with mixing, just a quick question..

    Would you like your female family members going into such a place and mixing with random guys, keeping in mind the types of guys that are around in Saudi (and here I’m not trying to single out anyone, but I am a Saudi male and I’m not exactly satisfied with the actions of my fellow counterparts especially in mixed/family places)?

    If you are ok with that, then that is your choice of action, and I respect your opinion even though I disagree with it.

    I am perfectly fine with Singles sections and family sections (like the majority of Saudi) but a social place shouldn’t be closed because of violation, it should be punished (e.g. fined) and new rules should be instated to serve as a check against any foul play..

    We have enough trouble finding places to hang out, so closing them isn’t the real solution..

    -i am not who i am-
    I found these links, it may give you some guidance on the reasoning behind mixing prevention:


    I agree, I am not at all comfortable with the fact that women in Saudi Arabia are covered in the Public, and then in restaurants they uncover to waiters, you can’t play the double standard game, Islam is Islam you are either muhajjaba or not…


  9. Anonymous on

    blind floowers of western culture should be ashamed of themselves and if they don’t understand what saudi is all about then the should try and learn. If they don’t like saudi so much and love the west then they are free to leave the country what is keeping you here? leave.

  10. Anonymous on


  11. RvN on

    For those interested, or residents of Riyadh, I have started “Riyadh’s Blog” to follow in the footsteps of the “Jeddah Blog” so if you are interested in becoming a contributing writer etc. please contact me at:



  12. Mystique on

    I believe a perfect solution for such incident would be specifying particular times during the day.. you simply cannot continue segregating boys and girls this way, and you cannot open the doors suddenly to them, they will definetly abuse such an opportunity.. gradual change is important..

    I do not what so ever believe in segregation..

    Thank you all for your comments…

  13. i_am_not_who_i_am on


    i also use a mac 🙂 damn fine stuff!
    anyways….you talk about double standards!!! and then go on to say….u visited south africa and LOVE SUN CITY!!! ………or should i rephrase that….SIN CITY!!…..the gamblers den!…..and naked ladies to entertain you at a cost!@#$………hmpppph!! tellme more about ….seperate sections for humans????

    ps:: i am not saying i do not agree with seperating the men and woman…in fact we practise that till today in our own homes…in south africa…BUT….BUT….the APPROACH is what matters….the way you tackle the situation….

    PPS: i am quite excited…tomorow a jamaat from jeddah arrives in my hometown andwe will be providing the food for them…..pity its all men…so cant meet them…:)))

    maybe i will sneak into the men;s section!! haahahaha……

    salaams to all

    fida. . ..

  14. RvN on


    You are judging me without even knowing anything about me..

    I enjoyed Sun City (I stayed at the CABANAS with MY FAMILY) and this was about 7 years ago.. I had fun as I went parasailing and had a good time playing with my younger brothers and sisters..

    You immediately made the assumption I gambled and went to a strip club? Cut me some slack sister 🙂

    As for segregation, it has been proven that segregation at an early age is better (that’s why the strict Christian schooling system is so successful as well as the military schools)..

    Although segregation increases the chance of homosexuality (which is evident in Saudi), desegregation opens the door to numerous problems, from teen pregnancies, to spreading of STD’s etc. if you don’t believe me go do some research..

    I go to school in Boston, and I’ve met many a raped girl, and several that have gone through several abortions and no one could come to the rescue because it was a natural thing for boys and girls to mix (though that obviously isn’t the only culprit).

    So each has it’s pros and cons, Islamically speaking, segregation should happen. But social venues are important and the time solution seems reasonable..

    Just my thoughts 🙂


  15. i_am_not_who_i_am on


    oi.oi.oi…didnt judge you or say you did those things…..i was saying…that you were talking about segregation and chose THIS SORT OF A VENUE to holiday at????…….there are a million other places in africa….why go and put your hand near the fire?? anyways…..glad u had fun….

    as for segregation…..i did mention i practise it myself ….and hey…guess what..i attended an all girls school….OUT OF CHOICE…..and agree it has its pro’s….although i do feel primary schools should be mixed..

    ..and homosexuality (which is evident in Saudi), has been proven ages ago by google under sex preference statistics (where saudi tops the list on gay sexual prefs)…and i do feel that is not because of segragation but because of inculcating the values of why we need to be seperate ..by using FEAR and DOMINANCE………..why doesnt anyone use the positives of islam to show its beauty..instead of picking on “what will happen to you if you dont do this and that”””??@#$%^………

    come now…lets all be positive….so keep smiling and stop explaining yourself……


  16. Saif on

    I agree that they could have dealt with the situation in a better manner, like asking them to have seperate timings/sections for guys and girls etc., but I am not in support of free-mixing between the two genders in Saudi Arabia.

    The (Islamic) evidence in favor of segregation is pretty straightforward and self-explanatory. There is no disagreement on the issue. So the question isn’t really about the pros and cons of segregation and it’s implementation in Saudi society, it’s whether Sharia (Islamic Law) should be followed in the country or not.

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